25 Things That Only Happen in Australia

Australia is a country where people pay with plastic money, some fish are over 300 million years old, and cockroach racing is a big deal. In Australia, some roads are so long and boring that they put signs there to entertain drivers. They can contain images of rich local fauna, or trivia questions to keep you alert, and possibly even save your life in the fatigue zone.

It is a fascinating country where you can rent a grandma and see a fire that’s been burning for over 5,500 years. Interested? Here is a list of facts that you might not know about the country but are useful if you ever plan to travel there. And if you don’t plan on visiting anytime soon, at least you’ll be able to show off your knowledge!

25 Things That Only Happen in Australia (Youtube)

– You might have seen a lot of weird eBay listings, but one guy from Australia outweirded them all. In 2006, he tried to sell New Zealand at a starting price of less than a cent.
– If you’re over 18 years old, then you’re legally old enough to vote in Australia. But missing a vote without a good reason will cost you anywhere from $20 to $50.
– What does the Sydney Opera House look like to you? A bunch of sails? In fact, the architect who designed it was inspired when eating an orange!
– There are 150 random giant sculptures across the country. Giant statues of mushrooms, acorns, ants, boxing crocodile and what not, are placed along roads to attract tourists.
– Americans were the first to patent the UGG brand, but the legendary boots actually come from Australia!
– Since 1988, Australian money has been made out of polymer, a special kind of plastic.
– Australia is such a great place to be, that at least 70 tourists overstay their visas every week.
– The super famous Australian name “Kylie” comes from the name of an Aboriginal Noongar hunting stick; something like a boomerang.
– Australia is home to the longest golf course on the planet. Nullarbor Links is an 18-hole, par 72 golf course that’s 850 miles long!
– The first police force Down Under was made up entirely of convicts!
– The Australian national soccer team set a world record in 2001 when it beat American Samoa 31 – 0.
– Even though it’s really easy to find kangaroo meat in supermarkets and restaurants across the country, it’s not what Australians eat all the time, despite the common stereotype.
– The wombat is the only animal in the world that has cube-shaped poo. Some experts believe it’s used to mark territory, since it doesn’t roll away.
– Every year, the cockroach racing world championship takes place in Brisbane. The first one took place in 1982, and ever since, it’s become a big hit.
– Australia could’ve been Dutch! Dutchman Abel Tasman discovered Australia in 1642, over a hundred years before James Cook in 1770.